Then Came You (Weiner)

You know, this book would make a great chic flick movie – you know a  couple hours sipping wine on a Friday night…but if you’re not a fast reader, I wouldn’t invest the time to read the book. I read it in one night simply because I couldn’t bear to let it control a week of my life. It was entertaining enough, but really lacked depth and substance.

The story is of women whose lives become interconnected by fertility or lack thereof…the egg donor (selling her eggs for money), the surrogate (carrying the baby for money), the mom-to-be (pretending to love a rich old man…you guessed it – for the money!) and then her step-daughter who ends up being the stand-in mom when she bails. I enjoyed the characters and really the story too, but it just was a one night fling for me. It’s not timeless and I will forget it.


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