The Uncoupling (Wolitzer)

This book, charming though it was, focused entirely too much on the idea that life revolves around sex. I found myself unable to relate to the way a lack of sex caused such chaos. Oh, I could certainly relate to the falling into a mood or phase where sex was no longer on the table, but the idea that it was women-controlled and so devastating to the men was ridiculous. Does the author not understand that men get sick of it too? I imagine the author simply saw an opportunity for connecting the present day to the Greek tale of Lysistrata, but it was unconvincing for me. I did enjoy the part where the men finally stood up and took a stand. The first to stand up made an excellent speech defending the male population. He points out that this idea, this “curse”, this play places each sex in far too specific stereotypes. I don’t feel like the story was truly very fair or flattering to either sex.


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