The Last of Her Kind (Nunez)

I was telling my sister and dad about this book I was reading and when I was describing Ann, they both said “kind of like you?”. I felt sort of insulted at first (thinking gosh was I really that difficult?), then I realized that if it really were true that I was like her I would be proud. It is true that we do bear many resemblances; I of course just never took it that far. I recall my “protest days” and laugh at how silly they really were compared to what Ann was fighting against. I found the amazon reviews slightly disconcerting; I highly enjoyed the journal entry style of writing….an almost stream of consciousness narrative, but not quite. I could relate to all the characters, George for the way she stood out in her small town as the smart girl and then subsequently fell apart once she hit the real world of college, Solange for the way she fought her demons by running away and throwing herself at men and full-on into relationships that weren’t necessarily healthy or 2-sided, and Ann for her brutal honesty, her stick-to-it-iveness, her deep concern for those with less than her and her extreme guilt for the same. “Olympia Underwood”‘s narrative about Ann was truly touching and such a beautiful (I use this word loosely, not to mean that prison life as a whole is beautiful, but that she allowed us to look past into what beauty there was) story; a story of faith and hope in mankind….a story that showed that even in this world of hate, I doubt Ann could truly be called “the last of her kind”. You will find her kind of strength and kindness and bleeding heart nature from time to time and I think the best we can do is try hard not to trample it, because without it the world might as well be it’s own sort of hell.


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