The Knitting Diaries (Macomber, Mallery, Skye)

Three delightful tales laced with the love of knitting. The first is a revisit to Blossom Street where Tim Carlsen and Ann Marie finally come to their senses and make their family “complete”. In Coming Unraveled, we are shown the beauty of love that allows you to fly free, but never takes away your landing pad. Sometimes home is where you’re meant to be. The last tale was certainly most heart-wrenching. It follows a young woman’s journey toward recovery after a life-altering accident that leaves her unable to knit (gasp!) as well as her romance with a marine – a stranger who shows up to buy one of her grandma’s paintings. It shows the importance of a strong will, perserverance and never ignoring those “unexplainable feelings”. Hard to read for all the tears. This last story also featured the marine’s two pets (a cat and dog) who steal the young woman’s and the reader’s heart. Overall enjoyable reads, although somewhat cheesy at times and not a whole lot of character development, but that is to be expected in short stories.


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