The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors (Young-Stone)

This was a very thought-provoking story about 2 people’s lives that were intertwined through their experiences with lightning and eventually their actual paths and friendships crossing. It really touched on the human element of feeling alone in the world and the fact that no one really is alone; all over the world there are people whose lives cross paths and others who share experiences with you that you will never know about. I could relate alot to Becca’s experience with her family just passing off her lightning story as attention seeking behavior and never taking her to the hospital, treating her like she was just a crazy girl with a big imagination. I have read many works of fiction that have given me an “I’m not alone” epiphany, but when she read The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors it was the real thing and she knew finally that through all her struggles she had not been alone. Buckley’s story, although on the surface much more tragic, was just the same…he was never alone. Many people’s lives are started without a father, in poverty, and filled with disaster…most especially when things seem like they are starting to get good. I found it somewhat cheesy and predictable that they got struck together in the end of the book. While very moving, I didn’t really expect the author to go that far. However it illustrated one more life lesson – no matter how hard you work to prevent a disaster, you are not in complete control of your destiny…whether or not you believe in God or Mother Earth or whatever there is more than just your own control at work in your life.


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