Some Kind of Miracle (Dart)

I must have a magnet in me towards stories of people with mental illness, because I love them almost always. This is no exception. It was hard at first for me to relate to Dahlia (cousin of Sunny the Schizophrenic) and her selfish dreams, but it was so nice to watch her allow Sunny to show her what was really important. Watching Sunny’s battle with mental illness from the perspective of her adoring younger cousin was a unique view and made the reunion after 25 years even more interesting. As a child Dahlia would cross her fingers through visits in hopes that Sunny wouldn’t have another episode; after reuniting she understood it would take much more than finger-crossing and much more than the board-and-care home she was in could give her. While this story was very moving for me, it is hard for me to sit here and write about it. I think for me it has always been nearly impossible to believe that those people who care about nothing but themselves and fortune and fame actually exist, but they do and I’m in contact with some of them all the time. It was nice to see there’s a soft spot for everyone, even Dahlia who quite frankly was a self-centered bitch in the beginning of the book. However, I feel that the extreme transition of her character was somewhat unbelievable and that her character could’ve been developed much better in the end days of the book. I think Dahlia is the character to which most readers could relate, however Sunny was who I related to more. Sunny didn’t want to sell her art – it was her soul. She just wanted to be ok…and more days than not, that’s exactly how I feel. When people tell me that I should sell my knitting (and other crafts), I cringe. I am jealous that Sunny now has the love of her life; is “ok”; can still write her music for herself; and will have an easy rewarding job close to her husband that can bide the time in between and help her feel like she is contributing to their lives. I couldn’t wish for anything more really and it was quite a lucky break for her after all those years.


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