Mother of Sorrows (McCann)

I find short stories somewhat difficult because I am always longing for the things that happen between these short episodes of life. These stories mostly pertain to the effect this boy’s mother had on his life and his ability to accept his homosexuality. Another interesting point in this story is the relationship with his brother (also gay) who grew up very differently and had a good relationship with their father, who died when they were young. The ultimate lesson I read from these stories (or the ultimate irony rather) is that the brother who was more “manly” or well-adjusted as a child ended up dying from a drug overdose…whereas the more awkward of the ended up rather well-adjusted to normal life.

An enjoyable enough read, but I wouldn’t highly recommend it..especially not to someone who doesn’t read often. Some of the stories are slow and difficult to push yourself through and overall I didn’t get a lot of pleasure out of reading it.



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