Labor Day (Maynard)

  • Title: Labor Day
  • Author: Joyce Maynard
  • Date: August 2011
  • Genre: Fiction (Audiobook)
  • Library: Jacksonville Public Library

You would never expect to find love after jumping out of a window to your freedom from prison appendectomy scar still fresh. Nor would you expect to set in motion a life change such as one that Frank did when this very thing happened. The main character is a young man of 13 whose mother and father had split after a string of lost babies made her mentally unable to leave the house except for extreme circumstances. It was this woman, Adele, Frank fell in love with after his jump and it was this boy who he was the first real father figure for, the first man he could relate to. During Frank’s short 6 day stay before the police found him, he taught him to throw a baseball, bake a pie, and a little about honesty and the unfairness in the justice system. Years later as an adult the boy graduates from culinary school and becomes famous for the very pie Frank taught him to make all those years ago. When Frank got out, he finally married Adele and this unlikely love story was complete. This is another of those dysfunctional family novels that I really enjoy; it helps a little to see you aren’t so crazy after all…and a little crazy could do us all some good.


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