How to Knit a Heart Back Home (Herron)

Semi-sequel to How to Knit a Love Song, this novel keeps the setting and some characters, but the main characters are new and the story is different (although also a love story with similar tug of war properties). It was a nice little story about a bookstore owner and her bad boy crush from high school who’s come back in town to take care of his mother. Of course they fall in love (again – they both admit they had loved each other even way back when). We see the Eliza Carpenter knitting goddess subject matter again; although this time Ms. Herron is careful to actually mention the likes of Elizabeth Zimmerman so as to not make it sound like she’s ripping off her persona, although I still feel she is. My favorite characters in this story are Lucy’s (the bookstore owner) family. Her two brothers, parents and best friend are excellent character studies and of course they are all wrapped up in unlikely love stories of their own.


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