Curly Like Me (LaFlesh)

This book is another take on the naturally curly movement….a much better more informative account than the CG book. Teri gives a personal history, a hair science lesson, and an instructional and product guide which is quite thorough. I felt much more moved by her writing and while it was motivational it didn’t give me that creepy “motivational speaker” feeling. I got the feeling that after all her struggles she genuinely wants to help people. I may just be biased because she is much less idolized than the CG author, but to be honest I just see alot more intent on truth and honest information in this book than in the CG book. I have tried her technique while still staying “CG” (no sulfates or silicones) however I am not convinced that I will stick to the CG thing if I am still hoping for better results in a couple months. This is one of those books I hate to return to the library because it would have been truly worth the $10-12. I am still thankful my library is keeping up to date on current publications like this, because quite frankly I don’t have the money to spend and in cases like the CG book I would have deeply regretted my purchase.


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