Casting About (Dulong)

This was mostly a story about learning to be a mother, without necessarily giving birth. We head back to Cedar Key with Sydney and Noah gone and now the focus is on Monica, Sydney’s daughter and her new husband Adam. They are newlyweds just settling in when they get a phone call saying that Adam’s ex-wife has been caught driving drunk while their 8 year old daughter was left home alone all night. They’ve placed the daughter Clarissa in a foster home temporarily and there will be a custody hearing. This rocks Monica’s newlywed world when Adam gains custody of his daughter and they begin to become a family. Sybile (Monica’s dead grandmother) starts making appearances to help both Monica and the little girl. As they finally start to form a bond, the little girl gets bacterial meningitis and gives them quite a scare, but Billie (Sybile) is with her all the time. At the end in the hospital, she tells her that she has to go now, but that everything was going to be good from now on – presumably because now Monica is committed whole-heartedly to Clarissa. Monica has bought the yarn shop her mother opened and this is where any relationship to knitting comes into the story, there is also the subplot of Clarissa calling knitting “yarning” and asking Monica to teach her. In the end Monica announces that she will rename the shop “Yarning Together” to reflect the relationship with her new daughter. A nice story that went very quickly; no literary awards here but a nice little read.


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