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So, as silly as it may be to start a gardening adventure just as winter is slowly creeping in, we did it! I am enjoying it and really hope to persevere this time. The last time we had big plans and dreams and a big failure to go along with it. This time we are just cramming plants into every little space we can find and hoping for the best. A garden is sort of a metaphor for life…you plant it and tend it and hope for the best. There are days when you ignore it and a big green caterpillar chops down one of your corn; other days you check it constantly and still don’t succeed. But (and this is the big but!) when you see that first little flower or bean emerge, it is worth all the ups and downs. So I challenge you to plant a seed and just go with the flow.

View of the back garden: corn, collards, beans, marigolds

Vates collard seedlings (yes, I know they need thinning, but I’m not ready to let go!)

Cranberry beans; we actually bought these for eating and decided to plant a few and they’ve done great. We have the start of about 10 little beans on these plants!

Black beans; we bought these for eating too (and boy are they tasty) but they haven’t done as well in the garden. For a good recipe click the picture; we made these last night and they are to die for!

Lemon basil; this was a volunteer in a relative’s garden and we brought it home, just to see how it would do. The leaves got pretty well eaten by a caterpillar, but it has flowered and if it seeds we will collect for next year.

This post wouldn’t be complete without showcasing my garden helper, Molly. She was attacked by a dog a few months ago and we’ve kept her very close at hand, but she doesn’t like other cats so she has a little house set up in the garage and gets to wander the yard during daylight hours.