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I know I have devoted far too much of my time to reading lately, however I haven’t stopped crafting entirely. I did for a little while there and I’m slowly but surely getting back in the swing. Here’s what I’ve been working on…(sorry pic heavy)

Goddess Knits 2012 Anniversary Mystery Shawl

2 strand sage green laceweight cotton recovered from a thrift store sweater (it was actually a lovely lace design, but I just can’t wear sweaters here in FL)

I am so far behind the pack on this. In fact, there has been another mystery knit-along that has since come and gone. Oh well. As you can see this doesn’t look like much right now. When you work in the round in lace, it’s pretty much just a blob until you bind-off.


Next up is a crochet blanket I got going last month when I was just feeling really uninspired. Intended for crochet cotton thread, I upsized it with worsted weight and am doing each square with a different yarn.

I also managed to spin some yarn!

I estimate it’s probably a worsted weight but I haven’t measured the wpi and my scale is broken, so that is purely guesstimate. It’s 290 yards of 2 ply Superwash Wool – white with caramel sprinkled throughout.

The other night trying to find some inspiration, I decided to give fair isle aka stranded knitting a try. I have always been extremely intimidated by colorwork of any kind. A year or so ago I watched Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop and realized that I just might be able to do it, but still hadn’t tried. Here is my first effort (after a couple of ripped out first attempts).

Scrappy Gems Fair Isle Hat

This is baby sized so that I could practice without committing to something huge, but I don’t have a baby to put it on, so the monkey will have to do for now.