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Betta Loves Shetland

Finally a fiber arts project to share! I have been a one project woman for a month or more now, which is unusual for me. With the stress of work and lack of creative space (aka junk is reinvading the junk room turned craft room! arggh!), I have been burying myself more in books than yarn. So the fruits of all my knitting time for the past month are here!

Betta Loves Shetland Shawlette by Tiziana Sammuri

Yarn is Brown Sheep Wildfoote solar dyed by yours truly (you can buy it undyed and also in dyed seconds at Sheep Shed Fiber Studio)

I made some modifications to the original pattern to utilize as much of the yarn as I could and make it as large as possible.Firstly, I made it into a square instead of a triangle by simply working in the round with 4 repeats of each section instead of 2. Then, I mimicked a small portion of the pattern a few times over before beginning the last chart and extended the last section by a couple rows as well.