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The Healing: A NovelThe Healing: A Novel by Jonathan Odell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I appreciate the fact that I’m sure a quote comparing it the “The Help” right on the cover is helpful for book sales, however I felt like these 2 books did not belong on the same pedestal…this one is better, but not only that, it’s just different. I was truly fascinated by this book and all the talk of natural remedies and womanhood. I found it quite interesting that it was written by a white man. Jonathan Odell does an amazing job of disguising that fact and I really never would’ve known if I didn’t read about the author prior to reading the book.

This story could be appreciated by any woman, of any race. I found myself almost wishing I could’ve had a Polly Shine to help me into womanhood and to imagine the joy Granada felt at her first and subsequent births, helping those women do something they could truly feel proud of. It brings up the notion of who in the universe really holds the power. We see through Rubina’s story that even though the master has the power to abuse her, send her to the swamps and impregnate her repeatedly, he cannot protect the child inside of her…she has power over that, even if it means her own death as well.

I loved the twist that Violet pulled on Gran gran in the end. It was wonderful to see the weave whole and good…tangles and all. The epilogue brought me to tears and quite frankly I was moved by the author’s acknowledgments as well.

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