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After years of claiming that we should buy a stuffed animal net for my son’s overflowing collection of stufties, I decided I would make one. I found this pattern online and used some basic red acrylic. Less than 24 hours later, a very reduced collection of my son’s stufties are nestled safe and sound above his bed.

That night, much to our dismay, we realized that the excitement was too much for him. He stayed up all night dressing his beloved monkey (who did not fit in his net) and then awoke early in the morning to take pictures and movies (complete with shots of the clock to be sure we knew just when he did this).

I wish I could post one of the movies (maybe I will figure this out later). Despite our anger at his misadventures, the movies are so cute and my husband and I delighted in the surprise of them when we uploaded the contents of our memory card. The first movie is of his pet gerbil Nerdzy and he narrates it, which is just so adorable. He’s a little filmmaker 🙂