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For my first post of the new year, we have some catching up to do! Gosh I have completely neglected my blog through the holidays.

One holiday project I am especially proud of is this counted cross stitch I did for my in-laws. They plant a tomato garden every year and for some crazy reason there is a history of pretending their last name is McKracken to avoid telemarketers…so every year their tomato garden is “McKracken Farm”. I did alot of manipulating to the chart to put the name in…it did say “Garden Seeds” below “Tomatoes”. It also originally said 5c, but after I was done, my husband said “oh no you should’ve made it 8c!” My mother-in-law’s favorite number is 8 and so I took out the 5 and made it 8. Then I quilted it into a little wall-hanging because I didn’t have any kind of frame available.

Next I will share a project that I have been working on forever! I have had a hard time this holiday season focusing on my knitting (you probably could tell from the lack of knitting projects I’ve shared – I normally crank them out pretty quickly). This is Tiziana Sammuri’s Angus’ Dream shawl (through the bottom half of Chart B) I am working in some silvery gray 50/50 Cashmere/Silk blend recycled laceweight yarn. I am working very hard to finish this shawl so that I can start a new Mystery Knit-a-long hosted by Tiziana. If you haven’t done a mystery knit-a-long, you should! They are great fun and Tiziana is an especially wonderful host and designer.

Lastly I would like to share the most exciting present that Santa brought my son – lots of fun and big kid 8-year old responsibility.

Nerdzy, the gerbil

Nerdzy, the gerbil