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I finished! Last night I worked long and hard and got it done. I wrapped the backing around the the front for the binding and I probably won’t ever do that again. It was pretty fiddly…partly I think also because it was all flannel and the flannel doesn’t seem to glide through the sewing machine very well (even the walking foot). Oh well, it’s done and it’s bright and beautiful!

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I am a little concerned though that my sister-in-law will think it is too boyish. My niece is one of those girl babies who has been blessed with a ridiculous amount of pink clothing and playthings; to the point where it almost makes me sick. I’ve never really been much of a fan of gender specific clothing/toys, choosing neutral things for my own son most of the time (to the point where for a long time he didn’t really understand the concept and would run to colorful purple pants in the little girls section of the store saying that he wanted those). In fact I am rather proud of this. My parents were the same way, choosing to decorate mine and my sisters room in primary colors when we were little until we were old enough to choose on our own. I guess it’s just how I was raised.

So…of course Aunt Carly had to do a little to push Alllie away from the pink and make the brightest most neutral quilt possible! I confess though I did succumb to a cute little pink truck with Little People and blocks for her for Christmas as well…hey at least it’s a truck!