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A good while ago I had MamaJude dye this Merino Silk yarn especially for me. I loved it so much that I couldn’t use it! I finally found a project for it. Paired with Araucania Ruca (100%Sugarcane) this is luxury itself.

Using the Ruca on the 10 dent heddle, I warped the loom in groups of 8 strands with a small space separating each group to create a very subtle texture. It very soft and drapey. I managed to get a good long scarf out of the 2 skein with good sized thrums leftover of the Ruca for scrappy projects.

While weaving this scarf, I thought alot about how music really guides your weaving experience. While weaving this scarf I listened to:

Boyz II Men – Cooleyhighharmony – One of my all time favorite albums, in fact this was my very first CD. I danced in a jazz group as a kid to the song Motownphilly – I dare you to listen and not move your body 🙂

Belly – Star – Also a favorite album although this was introduced to me much later in life by a guy who wanted me to sing with him in a talent show in high school. I would compare it to a pop rock alternative kind of version of Annie Haslam and PJ Harvey combined with the wild melodies spanning greatly in vocal range combined with somewhat disturbing lyrics that are made to sound joyful even.