So the other night (which was Tuesday no less) my family ventured in to the new Tuesday Morning store that just went in around the corner. I had for some reason gotten it into my head that it would be a clothing store and when it turned out not to be, I had written it off. However when we drove up to the shopping center last night my husband and son noticed the toys in the front window, so we went in. Little did I know that there would be tons of cool things, including craft supplies! I’m not just talking run-of-the-mill make your own potholder kits and pony beads; they had nice quilting supplies, fabrics, yarns, patterns books, etc.

So naturally with birthday money in my purse I found myself unable to resist.

I got some fabric strips, fat quarters, and a large 2 yard piece of solid flannel for quilting. Also a large acrylic ruler and a new rotary cutter. And I splurged and got some fancy yarn made of sugarcane!

I do plan on quilting with the fabric, however I got to looking on the internet for neat ideas perfect for fat quarters and thought I’d share this neat no-scraps project idea from Goody-goody handmade.