Food for thought

I haven’t posted in what feels like forever, but I’ve been collecting snip-its of wisdom for myself and wanted to share.

A quote from Barbara Johnson. This came from a daily devotional I get in my email from Living Life Fully.

“God knows change can make your life richer. Live for today but hold your hands open to tomorrow.  Anticipate the future and its changes with joy.  There is a seed of God’s love in every event, every circumstance, every unpleasant situation in which you may find yourself.  Don’t get stuck in a rut or hung up on an outdated blessing.  You serve a God of change!”

This next quote came from my son’s RE Curriculum. If you are not familiar with Unitarian Universalism, I think the children’s lessons are actually a great place for anyone to start.

A writer for Reader’s Digest magazine interviewed Christopher Reeve near the end of his life, in 2004, and asked him why he had joined a Unitarian church. He answered, “It gives me a moral compass. I often refer to Abe Lincoln, who said, ‘When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that is my religion.’ I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us. It may be God, I don’t know. But I think that if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do.”

Last but not least my very favorite shared by Christine Organ on her blog. A quote from Howard Thurman.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I am trying my very best to remember this quote each day, especially at decision time. I tend to feel an excruciating amount of guilt when I decline to participate in something, but I have to keep reminding myself that I will be most useful participating in activities that harness the power of my passion and not just my feelings of guilt.

Saori Style Weaving


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I offered a Saori style weaving meditation panel at my church’s auction. It was requested by the winning bidder that I focused on healing for her recent heart attack. I researched some colors said to have healing properties, colored some mandalas for inspiration and then raided the yarn stash. Red, fuschia, green and blue all have healing properties for various reason, but I threw yellow in there because to me healing and the sun and happiness go hand in hand. Hopefully the recipient will like it.


My son utilized the remaining warp for his own “freestyle” weaving. (sorry for the fuzzy picture)


Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America (Paoletti)


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Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in AmericaPink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America by Jo B. Paoletti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this thought-provoking book. Gender issues have always interested me and I highly recommend it to anyone with that same interest and/or an interest in design or fashion. I wish the whole pink vs blue phenomenon hadn’t come to pass and that all babies could wear white and all kids a bright rainbow of color to express their every whim.

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Summer Skies Mandala


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My latest crochet mandala followed the Doily 21st Century pattern by Sonea Delvon using a variegated gold and medium blue. It reminded me of the bright summer sun and clear blue skies!


Summer Skies Mandala

Some pictures from the front garden. I often forget to share the excitement of the flowers because they are old news to me. They are still little miracles though and some hold dear memories.


Withering Blooms of an Aloe Plant


The daylilies are my grandma’s legacy. Rosemary and Lavendar are new additions


Gladiolus bulb I planted 11 years ago and moved from house to house keeps coming back every year. My favorite summer surprise!

Do Your Own Thing Mandala


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100_0307This mandala started with the African Flower pattern from Crochet with Raymond and deviated into her Granny Mandala pattern, then went just totally on it’s own way. I did make one error that ultimately affected the symmetry of the entire project, but who doesn’t need a reminder of their imperfection?

Here is a pic together with the Magic Spike Mandala so you can see how much larger it is.100_0310Going in another direction, I decided to try my hand at drawing a mandala. Not great, but ok for a first attempt.


Magic Spike Mandala


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100_0306This little mandala (only about 4.5″) was such fun! You can get the pattern at moogly blog. I used crochet thread instead of the recommended worsted yarn for a different look. I have been obsessed with mandalas since we started coloring them with the kids at RE to help the kids relax and listen to the story. Mandalas have been used in meditation practices in many places and cultures.

What are your favorite mandala patterns?

Baby Lace and Baby Tomatoes!


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Finished a lace baby dress for my niece Aliyah’s first birthday. The pattern is Cadence Rose Sundress available for free download on Ravelry. I am so proud of how it turned out!

aliyah's dress frontAnd I have baby tomatoes!! The variety is Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry from Baker Creek Seeds.

1st tomatoes




2 FO’s Baby Blankets!


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Big Granny Square Blanket for Baby Benjamin

Treasured Heirloom blanket for Baby Cole

…and no, none of these babies are mine! Benjamin is the newest addition to a lovely family at our church and Cole is my cousin’s first child. I am now steady knitting on a dress for my littlest niece Aliyah who is turning 1 this week!

Sedimental Journey (Widerkehr)


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Sedimental JourneySedimental Journey by Richard Widerkehr
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Admittedly this book is very strange and many, if not most, people will not “get” it. I actually enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t say it was great. I realize the point of the book was to blur the lines between fiction and reality, but it is nice as the reader to have an idea of what is real and what is not…almost like having power over the characters in the story. In this story neither the characters nor the reader had that power. It was as if no one knew whether it was real or not. Overall though I did enjoy the characters and the storyline, even if it was impossible to distinguish the characters’ reality from fantasy.

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